Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, I guess its time to officialy begin my blog. And when faced with writing an exegetical paper as my only alternative, I will allow anything to distract me. I have just recently returned from Israel with lots of crazy stories to tell about my week with Benny Hinn. It was a conflicting trip! The faith of my childhood clashed with my current faith. I have never realized how true the term "bubble" is of our worlds. We begin to think that some beliefs are obvious and take them for granted. I felt like an outsider the whole time and struggled to remember that my version of Christianity is not odd or heretical. The people pleaser in me wanted to be the perfect, tongues-speaking, prosperity-thinking little Christian girl, but the ethicist in me wanted to prophetically speak against individualism, materialism, and judgment. Well, I managed not to do either (sadly). I will be posting pictures soon, including some from my tumultuous thanksgiving.


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