Wednesday, December 07, 2005

About the vertically scrolling marquee that I worked SO frickin' hard on... It seems to work on some computers and not on others. It works on mine, but I cannot figure out how to make sure it works on everyone's. Sorry.

So I played in the intramural flag football championships last Saturday. My team was ranked number one, and I REALLY wanted the championship shirt. We were supposed to play three games, and we lost on the first one! It was shameful and degrading. I hate losing. So that was it, we were out of the tournament. *crying* The one highlight of the game was when I rushed and grabbed the QBs flag before he threw the ball. I am very proud of the that. ;)

Then I went home on Sunday and saw lots of old friends and got into a debate about world hunger. (I am pretty sure everyone at home is a conservative republican.) This guys said that the state had absolutely no responsibility ot even address world hunger. That really pissed me off. I am going to write up a response in a couple days after the chaos of finals has blown over. Until then, study hard, love God, and do something stupid.


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