Thursday, January 19, 2006

In Memorium:

On Friday the Thriteenth of January Two-Thousand Six, the computer owned by Joy Cheri Stefoni crashed and died. All pictures, papers and personalization dating back to 1996 were lost. Let us honor these memories and hard work with a moment of silence.

*weeping, wailing and the renting of clothing*

Doesn't that just suck? I lost it all. Hence the length between posts. Yes, I cried, multiple times actually. And all over a piece of equipment. Sigh. Well, moving on to bigger things in Joy's life... I unintentionally dyed a pair of pants yesterday. They were khaki, but after the attack of a new red rug (I should have known better), they are decidedly pink. But I totally love them! The color is surprisingly consistent, and I feel like I have a new pair of pants. Of course they were new already. Yep, they were the famous pair of size six pants. I am so jazzed about my one-of-a-kind pants that I am going to try it on other pants. Specifically, the other ruined pair that turned a funky maroon color. I'm thinking brown.

On a more depressing note, I have had an awful start to my quarter. Let us just say that there have been three Bs in Joy's life in the last two weeks. I know, I feel idiotic and apathetic. Pray for me. Actually, two of them became A-s and the third will become an A, but I still feel totally defeated academically. I must have gotten cocky after last quarter, which totally rocked. I was so inspired and encouraged. Now, I feel like escaping to Figi. Any takers? Lets meet at the Garth tomorrow at noon.

Random Topic: I bought this totally awesome CD by James Blunt. You might have heard his song You're Beautiful. I LOVE the whole CD and am listening to it right now. Sigh. Its so romantic, melancholy and full of angst. I love drama.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Kevin Lewis said...

The good news for me is that I have never loved you because of your grades. I love your caring, warm, passionate and encouraging personality.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Kevin Lewis said...

plus, you still rock as a student


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