Monday, May 01, 2006

Meditation On A Beluga:

I love aquariums. When I was in sixth grade, I was an avid member of the Marine Society and dreamed of becoming an oceanographer. Since then I am content to stare at fish while scuba diving, but I still love aquariums. So Shannonn and I went to the Vancouver Aquarium where we happened to see the beluga whales perform. During the show, the trainer mentioned that beluga whales have forty percent body fat. And if you notice, they are not very pretty. In that moment, I had a revelation. God made Beluga whales. And they are fat and ugly. But that is how God made them and that is beautiful. Simple, I know. But like most women, I am susceptible to society's vision of beauty, and it was profound to realize that maybe, just maybe, "they" are wrong. I love belugas.

See the slideshow of my Vancouver Pictures HERE.


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