Thursday, April 13, 2006

Joy's Story of the Day:

Okay, so I am at work, and this lady comes up wearing a maroon velour jumpsuit (a bit passe dontcha think) with USC Trojans emroidered loudly across the front. To make conversation I ask, "So were you bummed when we lost to USC?"

She looks at me (very soberly) and says, "It was my fault." At which point, I am wracking my mind trying to think of how it could be her fault. Obviously she wasn't playing, so maybe she involved with coaching or the equipment or related to a player or something. "I didn't intercede." What the? "I was supposed to be praying for the game, but my kids were texting me, and I got distracted." So I respond by saying that it surely cannot be solely her fault. Others should have been praying too... "No, sometimes God sends a message but only one person receives it. I received it and didn't pray." She continues with a story of the USC vs. Notre Dame game. God didn't even want her to watch the game but to pray. She actually had to leave to house so she wouldn't watch it. But guess what? They won the game in the last seven seconds. And so she bought Wagner's book on prayer and left. What the ^&*%? Because don't you know God wants us to pray for football over starving children or sickness!?! Ridiculous. We should pray for her.


At 5:57 PM, Blogger Maria's Biggest Fan said...

holy cow!


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