Thursday, January 19, 2006

I went to the Norton Simon with Jeremy on Monday. When I saw this painting, I immediately felt an affinity with this woman. I think it's because she looks a bit like me, is beautiful and has great taste (I love her dress!). Still, it was the story behind this painting that really moved and challenged me. The painter is a woman who chose exile over supporting a government she disapproved of. She challenges me to be a prophetess and to fight against systemic injustice. How difficult it must have been for her as a perpetual foreigner and an artist to boot! Thepotrait is of the Countess of Kinsky, who was forced into an arranged marriage. She met her husband at their wedding. Immediately after the ceremony he abandoned her to go to his mistress. The painting reminds me of my privilege and the ensuing responsibility. I could be her, forced into a marriage for economic and political reasons. But I can marry for love and pursue the career of my choice. I must live my dreams fearlessly and boldly and always remember how many women came before me and suffered under patriarchy, women who never had the chance to test their wings or follow their hearts.


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