Wednesday, February 08, 2006

On Monday I babysat a three year old and a six month old. While I loved it, I felt fragmented. Sometime while I was trying to make lunch with a baby on my hip, I thought, Do I really want four kids? Or do I just want more time between them? I do love kids though. And you know why? Well, let me tell you. Kids accept you as you are. They say (I guess the "they" is psychologists) that the greatest human need is unconditional love. Kids give that. Or maybe they think adults have it all together and are SO cool, but they're really just naive. Either way, they never try to conform me to some idea of what is socially acceptable and appropriate. Kids like it when you're silly and off-the-wall. They don't care what you're wearing or how much you weigh or what grade you got on the last paper or how productive you've been or who you're dating. They are able to do what I always try but never succeed: they let go. They just want to have fun. They see the miracles we rush by and stand in awe of common beauty. And they have absolutely no conception of time, that's one similarity we share. No wonder Jesus liked kids.


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