Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I know, its been ages since I posted. Mostly because I have had nothing to stay and still don't. Life has continued despite its suckiness. My brother's trail is on Thursday. I covet your prayers. Please pray that he will opt for psychiatric treatment as opposed to jail time. (Who wouldn't?) He is stubborn about not needing help. Much to our frustration. This process has made me profoundly aware that even though I cannot make decisions for my brother or fix him, his decisions affect those around him powerfully and deeply. I guess that is life as a human in community. Its not fair. I also need divine motivation in school. Honestly, now that the emotional drama has passed, it feels like a cloud has settled around me. I feel weary in my soul, yet I am supposed to be as productive and efficient as ever. I just don't want to read philosophy, okay. It really doesn't seem important right now, but I have to. So that's the update.


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